Just a thought.

Words are pretty powerful, and, on occasion, they will get you the attention of someone you never thought you'd exchange words with. Fame does not always ruin people; in some cases, it enhances them.

Thanks, Tyler.
I really like how you signed your name. So endearing.

(Click this for a 9am screenshot of the best morning of my year.)

Forgive this very short and very personal entry; I'm finishing my last week of my third year of college. Tomorrow, my second literary magazine as an editor in chief is released, and I have a massive announcement to make to my college community about the progression of the publicaiton. I am so excited, so proud, and so, so nervous.

The issue I'm releasing tomorrow is so controversial that Hope may revoke my editorship. We'll see. Heh.

Keep me in your thoughts, yeah? I'll post something more interesting when I'm back in Ann Arbor for the summer. Only one more semester, then I'll be graduating and ready to tear the publishing and art world apart. Amen.