Defriended! ...Should I be offended?

A few weeks ago I noticed that my best friend from the sixth through the ninth grades or so had defriended me on Facebook. I think she was probably doing a major overhaul of her online life, as it appears she had privatized the entirety of her profile and "gotten rid of" many of the people on her page. The only reason I was visiting her profile was to try and gain contact with her again, as I think she lives in the area and I've graduated. I thought maybe we could finally get that coffee we kept talking about.

Guess not, huh?

I've been wrestling with whether or not I should be offended and/or sad about her, let's call her Maria, denying me the pleasure of Internet comraderie. She played such a vital role in my life, whether she knows that or not, and I have a very difficult time letting go of anyone. I've always known this. So is it wrong of me to be a tad forlorn when someone who I once spoke to on a daily basis no longer wants to know me even over a plain of ones and zeroes?

Here's the way my feelings about this break down, in percentages:
50% - She was my best friend. I shared so much with her. This is...odd.
20% - ...It's just Facebook. It's possibly the most mundane, silly thing on Earth. It doesn't matter.
20% - You need to shut up and move on. Clearly, she has.
10% - *sobs* WHYYYY GOD WHY?

Where does the line of friendship - especially old friendships from long ago - really become clear between personal contact and our newfound methods of wired contact? Of course I know that being "friends" on Facebook shouldn't be that big of a deal. I think many people, even including technophiles like me, find the idea of maintaining a friendship solely over the Internet insulting and sad. But really - if someone that you valued deeply decided to delete this so-called friendship, would it offend you?

Of course it would, if only for just a moment. I suppose the real question is whether or not this is a bad thing. Is it bad that some people even feel insulted when they're removed from a Facebook list?

I don't know. Is it a bad thing that this friend of mine and I grew apart in our high school years, and were essentially out of contact throughout college? That's normal, I assume. Is it a bad thing that I still had photos of her around my room only until recently, due to both utter laziness and nostalgia? Probably, yeah. Is it a bad thing that I kept trying to reconnect with her, although it seemed to never really work out? I'm not sure.

(In front of my 8th grade locker. Look at what a WINNER I was.)

I still have her old phone number memorized. She knew me throughout my first crushes, my first loves, and my first choices about who I wanted to become. We had inside jokes and bands we loved, many of which I still remember. I could probably navigate myself through her house with my eyes closed. I have really clear, distinct memories of summer with her, of jumping on her trampoline and laying by her pool, listening to crappy pop musicians that no one knows of anymore. I have an entire notebook full of notes we wrote each other tucked away in my closet.

I know that this is all normal, that just about everyone experienced all these details with a best friend at one point or another. Do I hold on to these things longer than is appropriate? Most likely.

That's probably why my best friend from long ago defriending me on Facebook bothered me so much. I wasn't ready - I'm not ready - to let go of her just yet. Somehow, her disappearing in my ever-present online life symbolizes her disappearing in my life competely.

I really hope she doesn't.