Short Posts: My friend Cameron.

My friend Cameron has the most gorgeous long, black hair, and her smile is the widest beam I've found in Boston, shining a bright light on Harvard Avenue when we say goodnight at the T stop. My friend Cameron would make jokes to me during our summer on Boylston Street together, her desk diagonal from mine, and I've still got that funny Leo DiCaprio print out in my new cubicle. My friend Cameron knows when to say hello, when to check in, and when to ask for advice.

My friend Cameron knows what it's like to hurt, what it's like to go somewhere scary and make it out alive - more than once. My friend Cameron knows what it's like to forgive, both herself and those who have hurt her in the past.

More than anything else, my friend Cameron is one of the bravest writers I know in the digital sphere; she shares things about her life that so many of us are too afraid to discuss. This new piece is no different, and it is my pleasure to share her work here today.