Songs You Forgot You Loved: "Finding Out True Love Is Blind," Louis XIV (2005)

2005 was a pretty solid year for me, both musically and personally. I was in the middle of my high school years - which, unlike many others' experiences, were arguably incredible: my forever-loved Green Day were at their career peak (perhaps also arguably), there were a fair amount of actually fantastic pop records sitting on the charts (think Mario's "Let Me Love You," Amerie's "1 Thing"), Nickelback's "Photograph" was released...

...oh, wait. Shit. That was horrible for everyone.

But beyond that band from Canada we won't talk about and even the classic Kelly Clarkson karaoke-night-ruiner "Since U Been Gone," 2005 was solid because of the slow but noticeable upturn in alternative-ish, garage-ish, post-punk-ish rock bands that we still have trouble fitting into a genre. Bands like Fall Out Boy, in their heyday. The Killers. Franz Ferdinand. Kaiser Chiefs. Hot Hot Heat. These were the bands that my close group of friends and I were constantly burning each other CDs (and drawing all over in Sharpie) of, the bands we really hoped we would get to see at least open for My Chem or whoever. The most rewarding part about this particular small era of alt music, for me, were the bands that flew just under the radar and released a single or two that got stuck in your head for the next five years.

David Bowie loved Louis XIV, and so did you. Remember this?

Ohhh, yeah. That song.

I bring Bowie up because not only did he allegedly love these guys but he also apparently asked these guys to play with him for a benefit show in NYC. In truth, I'm not familiar with the whole of Louis XIV's discography. A quick Google and a glance at their Wiki page shows me that they broke up for a bit there in 2009 but have recently reunited. No other singles of theirs have found there way onto a Billboard chart, despite the Bowie nod. "Finding Out True Love Is Blind" is a perfect #throwbackthursday, Song You Forgot You Loved because Louis XIV's entire discography honestly doesn't matter too much, with apologies to the maybe-back-together band. All that really matters is that clap drum, those five piano notes, and those weird, catchy - let's call it what it is, kinda offensive and kinda gross - lyrics that you still remember. This guy and his guyliner want all the girls ever in the history of the world, especially if they have questionable, stereotypical attributes he can easily point out.

Watching the video for this track (which I'm honestly sure I ever saw up until today) made me feel a little less enthusiastic about it, but, hey. I still played the hell out of this on my yellow Walkman CD player while sitting in front of my locker and eating untoasted Pop Tarts, my friends sitting with me in a circle, drawing fake tattoos on our hands and wrists because that was about the most individualization you could muster in an all-female school governed by uniforms.

No matter what he's saying and no matter if it's all in good fun, "Finding Out True Love Is Blind," that one-hit alt wonder from when I was in high school, still rules. Dig out your old mix CDs - I bet it's on there.